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2004 Montana Ave.
El Paso, Texas 79903
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Phone: 915-564-0168
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Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


About Us

aboutusAbundant Living Home Health provides non-medical, in-home care services in the city of El Paso, Texas and its surrounding areas. We cater to the needs of seniors and individuals who are physically challenged, recovering from illness, post-surgery and/or suffering from a chronic illness.

Abundant Living Home Health is dedicated to giving superior non-medical home care in every family. Expertise plus years of experience in the home care industry gives us the integrity and the chance of innovating our services to provide you better experience each time.

As a trusted home care provider, we’re proud to have a network of experienced care providers, home health aides and certified nursing assistants who will provide non-medical care services to our clients. Our staff will provide assistance with meal preparation, clean-up, light housekeeping, laundry, medication reminders, bathing, dressing and grooming. All of our staff are sensitive to our clients’ needs and they possess admirable traits that will be very helpful to the success of Abundant Living Home health.

Mission Statement:

The company will strive to provide clients with in home care and service, enabling them to be able to live life with privacy, dignity, and independence. Abundant Living Home Health promises to provide attentive and careful care to all of the people and do it with the utmost dignity and respect.

Our Vision:

To provide the very best, unparalleled care to clients in our geographical market by employing only proven, hard-working professionals that are honest and compassionate. ALHH is dedicated and possesses a desire to deliver outstanding home care services while improving the quality of clients’ lives.

Business Philosophy:

To provide the best client satisfaction, consistency, reliability, work with local health professionals, increase and retain client base, and a rock-solid bottom line. Serving with dignity, respect and treat every single individual client with the high most standard exceeding state and federal government mandated standards and doing this with affordable, friendly, professional services is our philosophy here at Abundant Living Home Health.

To whom will we market our services?

A growing number of people need home care services Abundant Living Home Health is focused on those who only required non-medical care. The following list is a general snapshot of our ideal client’s situation and focus to mention a few:

  • Wants to stay in his or her own home but needs help with basic activities to stay there.
  • Declining eating habits.
  • No longer bathing, going to the bathroom, or getting dressed properly.
  • No longer able to keep the home tidy.
  • Forgetting to take medication.
  • Getting lost or confused while walking.
  • Ambulatory or semi-ambulatory.
  • Seek companionship.
  • Isolation, depression, and anxiety may keep a person from feeling connected.
  • Memory loss.
  • Loss of senses.
  • Vision impairment.
  • Hearing impairment.
  • Smell impairment- can lead to decreased hygiene.
  • Taste impairment- increases salt or sugar intake.
  • Motor skill impairment- inhibits climbing stairs, cooking meals.
  • 65 years of age or older.
  • Lives within the El Paso area.

If you have questions and inquiries, please call Abundant Living Home Health at 915-564-0168 or you can leave us a message online.

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